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Doctor Fish Massage In Kerala

Doctor Fish massage

Doctor Fish Massage In Kerala
It’s a technique that originated in Asia, where people are a lot cleverer about health and massage than they are over here. The Doctor Fish (or “garra rufa” fish, Obtusa cyprinidae, for the scientifically minded) is native to Asian hot springs, where it seems to have developed a rather unique relationship with the people who flock there to let the warm, mineral rich water suck all the tiredness out of their bodies. The fish feed on the dead skin, bacteria and impurities clinging to the human frame, literally eating all the bad stuff off of you. You’re left with a whole new skin – smooth, baby-soft, supple and young: and utterly free of skin smears, bad oils, unseen bacterial nastiness or everyday pollutants. There is nothing on earth like this – and we’ve got London’s first official treatment!
Don’t worry – the Doctor Fish a) has no teeth and b) is significantly smaller than your little finger. In other words, it couldn’t do you any harm if it wanted to. All this little masseur wants to do is nibble you – arguably the most pleasant, certainly the most unique, sensation in the health and beauty world. The fish has a surprisingly powerful suck on it, for such a little feller: not powerful enough to leave any marks, or hurt in any way, but definitely strong enough to stimulate good circulation, efficient nerve firing and proper oil production. The Asians who “pioneered” (if jumping in a pool of hot water and being involuntarily nibbled by little fish can be pioneering) Doctor Fish massage recognised the similarities between the nip of the fish and the expert prodding and poking performed by an acupuncturist or reflexologist: the rest, as they say, is history. Welcome to the most unusual health and beauty technique in the history of alternative medicine. You’ll love it.
International press suggests that the Doctor Fish massage technique has proven health benefits, as well as the most pleasing sensation a person can legally buy for their body. First up, the nibbling of the fish provokes nerve centres to fire in a way that relaxes tense bodies and allows the proper flow of physical energy; and it can also break up irritating crystals in the feet, which lead to blockages in circulation. Second, the fish hoover up all the daily rubbish that accumulates on the body, performing the same effect as a peel. And third, the actual experience of interacting with Nature in such an intimate way tends to encourage customers to lose their inhibitions, regressing in a positive way to a more childlike state of mind. That, as we all know, can be an extremely liberating and healthful experience. Healthy body, healthy mind – and happy mind, happy body.
The fish can clear pores, promotes healthy growth of skin, heal skin diseases, eat dead skin, the fish is best micro-massage Doctor Fish (it is also called spa fish, Garra,Rufa fish,massage fish and hot spring fish) has great treatment and healthy function to body, they also have strong ability of tolerating high temperature from 17---43 Centigrade Degree. When people go to hot spring pool or spa pool,, the doctor fish will go round the guests and begin to kiss and suck skin. They can completely get rid of skin smear and aging cortex and they also can make your pore unobstructed to promote blood circulation. The obvious treatment function of doctor fish is to protect and beautify skin. After enjoying doctor fish treatment, the skin and face will look healthier, fresher and more brilliant. The other treatment of doctor fish
is to release fatigue .

The fish can treat much unknown skin-illness which can not be treated well by 

contemporary medical science. so the function of fish is not only to amuse 
people and let people enjoy fish massage, but also treat skin-illness, the  
result of treatment of fish is very obvious.


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