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Hacking is the process of illegally corrupting or extracting private information from a computer system or network. They are generally of malicious intent, wishing to render networks unable to function by overloading their systems with traffic and causing them to crash, or steal data such as credit card details and security numbers. As such, Hacking is considered a very serious crime.

history of hacking

  • 1971 - Cap ‘n Crunch phone exploit discovered
  • 1988 - Morris Internet worm crashes 6,000 servers
  • 1994 - $10 million transferred from CitiBank accounts
  • 1995 - Kevin Mitnick sentenced to 5 years in jail
  • 1969 - Unix ‘hacked’ together
  • 2000 - Major websites succumb to DDoS
  • 2000 - 15,700 credit and debit card numbers stolen from Western Union (hacked while web database was undergoing maintenance)
  • 2001 Code Red exploited bug in MS IIS to penetrate & spread probes random IPs for systems running IIS had trigger time for denial-of-service attack
  • 2nd wave infected 360000 servers in 14 hours
  • Code Red 2 - had backdoor installed to allow remote control
  • hackings is a crime?
  • Computer hacking is broadly defined as any action that results in unauthorized interference with a computer, computer system or network. Computer hacking includes breaking into a computer with the intent to steal, damage, modify or monitor data or settings within the system


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